• Negative Air Pressure in Plants / Factories.
        • Air Contaminants Controlled With Less Exhaust Air.
          EnergyMaster® strategically delivers make-up air throughout your plant in relation to the contamination source. Therefore, the amount of air exhausted can be significantly reduced while maintaining clean air conditions. For example, in northern Ohio and southern Michigan, each 1000 cubic feet of exhaust air reduced, provides a savings of 25,000 to 50,000 BTU’s per hour.
        • Carbon Monoxide, Welding Smoke, Fumes, Mist, Dust, Odor —
        • EnergyMaster® controls or replaces plant air contaminants while exhausting them outside. Low velocity fresh air remains circulating throughout the workspace. The most direct method is utilized so a minimal amount of CFM is used to control these air contaminants
        • Dead Air Spots
        • Overheated Areas (Eliminate/Relocate Heat).
        • Inexpensively moves excessive objectionable heat, to distant areas that can use it.
        • Cold, Drafty Floors
        • Indoor Air Quality / Ventilation Problems


      • Return On Investment
      • More Comfortable and Productive Employees
      • Helps Meet Clean Air Regulations Inexpensively.
        When EnergyMaster® evenly distributes outside make-up air throughout a building in conjunction with an adequate exhaust system, it uses the minimum amount of outside make-up air possible to reduce the air contamination concentration (PPM) to an acceptable level.
      • EnergyMaster® brings outside make-up air into a building through its unique distribution duct system. It uses up to 100% of the stratified heat (heat loss) at the ceiling which is otherwise wasted when it is lost through the roof.

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Erik Hall


Johnson Controls

After the installation of more than twenty of your EnergyMaster Units with SeasonMaster Tuff Ducts, we now have the ability to control and direct the airflow where we desire,.........The employees let us know right away if we forget to turn your systems on.


After the installation of (3) units with SeasonMaster Tuff Ducts at are new plant, we now have the (Sumer/Winter) capability to control and direct the airflow. We now can utilize stratified heat during the winter and we have a summer ventilation system during the hot weather. We appreciate and thank you for the strong support and expertise for all these years.


EnergyMaster is our make-up air unit of choice an we have not bought a gas-fired make-up air unit since installing the first EnergyMaster. I am pleased to say that we still run all eight original units.......


We installed a total of seventy-two EnergyMaster unheated make up air systems in a number of our plants across the United States. It turned out to be the perfect solution........... my sincere gratitude for their assistance helping us complete this large project in such a smooth, efficient and timely manner.

ArvinMeritor became evident the EnergyMaster System, with the SeasonMaster Air Direction Controller, is the best way to introduce make-upair as well as providing summer ventilation.


The SeasonMaster system allows the make-up needed during the winter without additional fuel cost with the added benefit of spring/fall ventilation. SeasonMaster System was our choice to other fabric duct socks and sheet metal ducts.