Common sense solutions to common industrial ventilation problems are what we provide at EnergyMaster®. Our proven industrial air control designs are based on nearly 40 years of field experience and using the proven guidelines that we have developed over those years, as well as, from the “Industrial Ventilation Manual Of Recommended Practice” by the American Conference Of Governmental Industrial Hygienists. We’ve routinely saved industrial/manufacturing companies from 33% to 100% on fuel bills for their gas fired make-up air equipment by converting to the EnergyMaster® system. The EnergyMaster’s® conversion system return on investment is typically between ½ and 1 1/2 heating seasons depending on how many shifts were being worked and the cost of fuel. We’ve solved many air ventilation problems that were once viewed as “unsolvable” or just “too expensive” to correct . EnergyMaster® make-up air systems with our patented SeasonMaster® feature can be the better answer for many of your industrial air problems. It’s all about the proper design which leads to the successful inexpensive, efficient solution that you can expect from EnergyMaster®. Let us help you with your problem today.

Some of the Premier Companies that Have Relied on EnergyMaster® for Their Make-Up Air Control Solutions

EnergyMaster’s One Year Warranty

EnergyMaster® equipment is warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of one year from the purchase date. Any units or parts thereof, which upon our inspection prove to be defective during the warranty period, will be replaced at our option. All equipment returned for warranty consideration must have prior written authorization. All labor and transportation costs are excluded. Motors are warranted by the motor manufacturer for a period of one year. Should a motor prove defective during this period, it must be returned to the nearest authorized motor service station. We are not responsible for any damage incurred in transit. Merchandise shipped from our facilities is signed for by the transpotation company in perfect condition. The aforesaid warranty against defects in material and workmanship, is in lieu of all other warranties expressed or implied, and there are no other warranties of any kind whatsoever.

A Message From the President Mr. Erik F. Hall:

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Erik F. Hall

President, EnergyMaster.


Erik Hall


Johnson Controls

After the installation of more than twenty of your EnergyMaster Units with SeasonMaster Tuff Ducts, we now have the ability to control and direct the airflow where we desire,.........The employees let us know right away if we forget to turn your systems on.


After the installation of (3) units with SeasonMaster Tuff Ducts at are new plant, we now have the (Sumer/Winter) capability to control and direct the airflow. We now can utilize stratified heat during the winter and we have a summer ventilation system during the hot weather. We appreciate and thank you for the strong support and expertise for all these years.


EnergyMaster is our make-up air unit of choice an we have not bought a gas-fired make-up air unit since installing the first EnergyMaster. I am pleased to say that we still run all eight original units.......


We installed a total of seventy-two EnergyMaster unheated make up air systems in a number of our plants across the United States. It turned out to be the perfect solution........... my sincere gratitude for their assistance helping us complete this large project in such a smooth, efficient and timely manner.

ArvinMeritor became evident the EnergyMaster System, with the SeasonMaster Air Direction Controller, is the best way to introduce make-upair as well as providing summer ventilation.


The SeasonMaster system allows the make-up needed during the winter without additional fuel cost with the added benefit of spring/fall ventilation. SeasonMaster System was our choice to other fabric duct socks and sheet metal ducts.